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ANURYZM Tour Updates – Belgium Shows Canceled, Amsterdam Show Added

ANURYZM tour kicked off on October 8th in Germany as part of the Cologne Metal Festival, and the band had their second show in Diest-Belgium. But things were not as smooth as they should have been.

ANURYZM, and on their way to Belgium where they have 3 scheduled shows, received a message from the Belgian promoter Gianni Riga (Hydra Productions and Booking Agency) stating that they have no support act and no backline: “We reached Diest for a show, we were surprised to see no promotion/posters and of course no backline whatsoever.” (Read Full Statement Below).

Devastated by the incident, ANURYZM did the impossible to get the show at Diest up and running, “With the help of the awesome Moonlight Music Hall in Diest, we managed to get some drums and the minimal backline that we could get on a Sunday.”
The band continued their statement: “While the band was setting up, we were discussing the next shows with Gianni as the band were confused and obviously had questions, we were suddenly slapped with and we quote ‘I CANCEL ALL SHOWS’.”


Not to surrender to the situation, Anuryzm showed an incredible will to make the best of the bad situation. They got confirmed for a show in Amsterdam on Wednesday 12th of this month (Tomorrow Night) with the UK Heavy Metal band HOSTILE at THE CAVE Rock club. HOSTILE are currently on tour in Europe as well.

And the remaining show of the tour will be as planned at the Maximum Rock festival in Romania headlined by KAMELOT and MOONSPELL on October 14th.

Anuryzm would like to thank Mr. Marcel Ssod from the band Seven Steps of Denial for helping us with this…. And of course the amazing people behind the gig.. Mr. Aram TheCavelord, and the epic promoter Ellen J van Heezen who made this possible!- ANURYZM

Click Here For More Information About: HOSTILE UK & ANURYZM SHOW In Amsterdam.


You can read ANURYZM‘s full statement below.

ANURYZM European Tour 2016

ANURYZM European Tour!
Another great news from UAE-based progressive metallers ANURYZM who announced a 6-day European tour entitled “Awakening the Humanoids” this Autumn/Fall season in support of their latest album All Is Not For All“. This year, ANURYZM returned to Lebanon to perform at Summer Fusion, which was their second time in Lebanon after opening for NIGHTWISH at Byblos International Festival in 2013 . Also, the band supported the legendary godfathers of Metal, BLACK SABBATH themselves, back in 2014 at Abu Dhabi – Yas Island.

  • Read Our latest Interview with Anuryzm >here<

 “Awakening the Humanoids” Tour kicks off on the 8th of October 2016 and will cover the following cities & countries!!
So if you are near any of those cities, pass by and watch ANURYZM live.

8 OCT – Cologne Metal Festival – Koln, Germany
9 OCT – Moonlight Music Hall – Diest, Belgium
10 OCT – Flashback Club – Genk, Blegium
11 OCT – Titans Club – Lens, Belgium
12 OCT – De Meister – Geleen, Netherlands
14 OCT – Maximum Rock Festival – Bucharest, Romania

For ticketing and venue info, visit ANURYZM Website.

Official tour poster designed by Jan Yrlund (Darkgrove)

Check out the last music video released for the single “199X” from ANURYZM’s second album “All Is Not For All”  released via Melodic Revolution Records. You can read our take on the video >here< and the band’s explanation of the music video story >here<


ANURYZM European tour

-Lilas Mayassi

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ANURYZM European tour 2016

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Anuryzm And Phenomy At The Persian Rock & Metal Festival TOMORROW

One day left for our bands to rock the stage in Turkey.

ANURYZM, a Lebanese creation, started in Lebanon back in 2003 and is now based in Dubai. 12 years later, in 2015, they have one album, “Worm’s Eye View”, which was released in 2011. They have shared the stage with legendary bands such as Black Sabbath, Avenged Sevenfold, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nightwish, Epica, Dark Tranquillity, and more. And so, big festivals are not new to Anuryzm.

PHENOMY completed their line-up as a band and started only in late 2014, but they are rising, and they are rising fast. Now that the band is alive and active, you probably would like to know that they have a full album waiting to be recorded.

Anuryzm and Phenomy will be playing at the Persian Rock & Metal Festival TOMORROW.  Make sure you show the guys all the love and support they need to show the world what we have.



ANURYZM to Play Persian Rock & Metal Festival

ANURYZM, another Lebanese creation, is out to show the world what we can give. The progressive metal band started in Lebanon back in 2003 and is now based in Dubai. In 2015, 12 years later, they have an album, “Worm’s Eye View”, which was released in 2011, and have shared the stage with legendary bands such as Black Sabbath, Avenged Sevenfold, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nightwish, Epica, Dark Tranquillity, and more.

And so, Anuryzm is not new to big festivals, and their latest will be the Persian Rock & Metal Festival in Turkey on the 27th & 28th of March. They will share the stage with another Lebanese band, Phenomy, Master of Persia (organizers), and other bands from all over.

Best of luck to Anuryzm, another band we can’t but be proud of.

Here is a Video for ANURYZM opening for the Godfathers of Metal BLACK SABBATH:



Anuryzm In Lebanon!

The Dubai-based Progressive Metal Band ANURYZM flew all the way to Lebanon to watch Blaakyum & Epica at Byblos International Festival and to have a photo shoot in Faqra.

Anuryzm In Lebanon

Photo shoot took place today at Faqra and it was shot by Elia Mssawir.

If you don’t know ANURYZM, check out their amazing single below:

ANURYZM In Lebanon Opening For NIGHTWISH

About Anuryzm:

ANURYZM started out in Lebanon in 2003 as a music project between college friends; and in just under a year, the band had already played a couple of local festivals & begun recording their first demo. But the process became challenging since founder/lead guitarist John Bakhos moved overseas; and it took another turn to the worst when rhythm guitarist Bernard passed away in 2005. This news brought the band to a halt.

Over time, John focused on his songwriting and eventually moved to Canada in 2007 to revive ANURYZM; but after slow progress, he decided to move back to his childhood city Abu Dhabi in 2010. He immediately joined forces with his old high-school band mate/vocalist Nadeem Bibby, and invited renowned drummer Martin Lopez to perform on the album. After hiring more musicians to complete the line-up, the long-awaited debut album ‘Worm’s Eye View’ was finally released in late 2011. Many performances later, the band saw a few line-up changes. They finally settled with Imad Dahleh on drums, Jay Jahed on keys, and Rany Battikh on bass.

To date, the band has performed extensively in the local & regional scenes, including the Dubai Rock Fest and the Byblos International Festival. They have also shared the stage with legendary artists, from the likes of Black Sabbath, Avenged Sevenfold, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nightwish, Epica, Dark Tranquillity, and more. With the drive to produce quality progressive metal music, ANURYZM are currently in the studio working on their next opus All Is Not For All. Anuryzm’s long-awaited album is set to be released in 2015.

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